It pays to consider all of the possibilities in a gray divorce when the level of financial entanglement can be complex. Senior couples should get professional advice long before getting divorced. We have helped couples find creative ways to compromise. You may be able to maintain your independence and hobbies while not losing the person you usually still care about and love.

Senior Divorce – On The Other Hand,

We’ve heard this quote attributed to both Willie Nelson, and Garrison Keillor…

“Why is divorce so expensive?  Because it’s worth it.”  

The other side of the coin, is you have lived your life and made your sacrifices, now is the time for you to enjoy the rest of your life.   Many seniors wait till they are empty nesters before finally severing the marriage ties.  Many have lived hard emotional lives to get to where they are now.

Conclusion to the series – Gray Divorce.

There are so many issues at hand when divorcing as a senior.  The bottom line, to divorce, or not;  to find a compromise or not; is that it pays to spend some time with a professional to point out all the areas that will impact your post divorce life.  Go with solid advice.  Give the divorce attorneys at Brandon Legal Group a call.  Your initial consultation is free.


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