Co-parenting Advice

Your ex is not your child’s ex.

In the middle of this short work week, Brandon Legal Group would like to provide you with this small tidbit of co-parenting wisdom. Whether you are just starting the divorce process or you have been divorced and co-parenting for years now, it is important to always keep the above words in mind. No matter how sticky or straining your relationship with your ex is, your children’s needs must be put first.

One of the hardest matters for recently divorced parents to get used to is the child custody or the time-sharing arrangement. It can be difficult to accept that you may no longer see your children every day, but children have a right to spend time with both of their parents. You need to remember that just because your marriage broke down (in an explosive manner even), it doesn’t mean your ex-spouse is suddenly an unfit parent to your children. Your ex may be a jerk to you, but it does not matter. Your children love him/her, and the last thing your kids need is you bad-mouthing their mom or dad.

The family law attorneys at Brandon Legal Group are here to help you with your child custody needs. Call 844-4BLG4ME today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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