A QDRO (or Qualified Domestic Relations Order) is the legal document that divides up a qualified pension or retirement account including 401(k)s and other such assets pursuant to a divorce. The judgment of divorce is not sufficient to divide up qualified plans; a QDRO is needed. There are many nuances that go into a QDRO and make it an advocating (versus neutral) document. In order to protect your assets, be sure to obtain qualified advice in this area from an experienced QDRO attorney.

Brandon Legal Group’s Divorce Attorneys are well aware of just how hard a divorce can be.  In time of stress, it is so easy to make seemingly “reasonable” decisions or concessions, only to discover much later the harm you may have caused yourself, or your family later.   Our role is to represent you, and to protect you, sometimes, protect you from yourself.

Call Brandon Legal Group for help with your divorce today.  Your initial consultation is always free.


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