Win Child Custody In FloridaWhen parents in Florida decide to divorce, one of the most challenging aspects of the process is determining how to handle child custody. It is crucial to be aware of the critical factors that affect a ruling on custody and time-sharing between parents. Failing to understand these key points can jeopardize your chances of earning custody or being awarded quality time with your children.

We will dive deeper into the 7 deadly custody sins each Tuesday over the next 2 months.

Critically Examining Child Timesharing in Florida

Regarding child custody, Florida’s laws are often criticized for prioritizing the goal of winning over the best interests of a child. Many cases rely heavily on a “time-sharing” arrangement that splits physical custody between two parents. Time-sharing benefits both parties but can cause significant distress in children who are forced to travel back and forth between households and often miss critical developmental milestones.

In addition, while there is an effort to ensure that both parents remain involved with their children after divorce or separation, there have long been concerns about how these arrangements are determined. For example, a recent study found that courts often fail to consider the quality of relationships or other factors that could impact whether one parent should receive more time than another. Instead, they tend to favor those with higher incomes and greater resources.

    • Parental Neglect & Time-Sharing

    • Abuse Jeopardizes Child Custody

    • Mental Illness Can Influence Child Time-sharing In Court

    • Substance Abuse And Its Impact On Custody

    • An Unsafe Home Environment Damages Your Custody Argument

    • Abandonment In Child Custody Cases

    • Criminal Activity Can Mean Forfeiting Custody

Protecting Children’s Best Interests Is The Best Path to Winning Child Custody

Protecting children’s best interests is essential in all child custody decisions. Focusing on the child’s needs can help create a bright future and ensure their safety and well-being. Everyone involved should strive to ensure that each decision serves the children’s best interests. Courts can also assist with working out a suitable arrangement if needed. With everyone working together, we can ensure that our children are in safe hands and have an opportunity to thrive in this world.








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