Wouldn’t it be nice to have a maid to clean the house, a driver to take the kids to practice and a chef to cook dinner?  Unfortunately for most of us outside of Hollywood, we are stuck doing all these chores ourselves.

The responsibilities of a parent are never-ending, especially during the school year.  A typical school day can include everything from putting the kids on the bus and going to work, to attending a soccer game and helping with homework, all while trying to squeeze in dinner and some “me” time.

Whether a single parent with 3 kids, or a couple with 1child, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to fit in everything. Balancing personal life, work, household chores, and the kids’ schedules can seem impossible.

Fortunately, it is 2019 and technology, although often frustrating, does make our lives a lot easier. Just think how much harder it was 20 years ago to order a pizza, compared to just texting a 🍕order to dominos.

Make room for these 9 apps to help you not only survive the school year, but crush it!


Target AppTarget App

The Target App offers families convenience and savings both in store and online.

Cartwheel, Target’s coupon program is housed on the app.  Cartwheel offers discounts on hundreds of items every week.  From 5% off pasta to 50% off K cups. Simply checking the app can help lower that weekly grocery bill.

The app also offers a full online shopping center and allows for both delivery as well as in-store pick up for any order.

One of the new services that Target offers is called Drive Up.  This service allows individuals to purchase items online, and have them delivered to your car parked in one of the reserved Drive Up spots.







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Walmart appWalmart Grocery App

Similar to the Target App, Walmart’s Grocery app also offers convenient pick-up and delivery options.

The Walmart Grocery app is different than the traditional Walmart app.  The Grocery Pick up service is a convenient feature for families on the go. No more wandering around the store looking for a single item.

The app also shows prices of each item, and whether they are in stock at your local store.

With little time to grocery shop, Walmart makes it possible to place an order on the app and upon driving up to one of the Grocery pick up spots, will have your shopping cart full of groceries brought to you by your own personal shopper.







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amazon prime appAmazon Prime Now

If you do not already have Amazon Prime, you may want to consider it now more than ever.  If you or a child are a college student, prime offers an excellent discounted rate for 4 years as well. Unlike the previous 2 apps, Amazon Prime Now is a delivery only app, but with delivery times under 2 hours, it may be faster than going to the store.

For purchases over $35, 2-hour delivery is free and 1-hour delivery is $7.99 plus tip.  This service is not ideal for small inexpensive items, but great for a cart full of Whole Foods Groceries or that new 65” TV you told everyone you had an hour before kickoff.

Amazon Prime Now sells thousands of traditional Amazon items, as well as anything found in the local Whole Foods. With shipping times from 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. grocery shopping will become the easiest thing on your to-do list.







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Starbucks AppStarbucks app

The Starbucks app offers both savings and convenience for coffee addicts. When paying through the app, stars are earned for each purchase and can be redeemed for free drinks and food.

The mobile ordering feature helps save time in the drive thru by skipping the line.  When ordered on the app, drinks are made ahead of time and upon arrival, guests can either walk inside and grab the drink from the mobile ordering station or hop in the drive thru and pick it up at the window.

Without the need to pay, or wait for the drink to be made, every morning can become a coffee morning.








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Life 360 appLife360: Find Family & Friends

Worried about what your kids are up to?  Not sure if your husband is on his way back from work yet?  Life 360 helps families keep track of each other.

The app uses GPS location and private messaging to keep track of the entire family.  The simple map interface makes

Life360 offers notifications every time someone in your family leaves, work, school, or home.  Keeping tabs on the kids and the drivers in the family is easy.  The app also provides a snapshot of the driving habits of anyone driving including, average speed, and any accidents.

This app is free to use but does have a subsection attached to it.  The cost is reasonable at only $24.99/yr.







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todoistTodoist: To-Do List & Tasks

Post-it notes not cutting it anymore? We keep our phones with us at all times, why not use it to remind us what we need to do?  Todoist is a to-do list app that helps manage all your everyday tasks.

The app allows the sharing of projects, and the ability to split tasks up between people.  Built in color coding makes it easy to identify priorities, or separate tasks by person.

It the hectic world of a parent, having all your tasks written out can reduce the stress of forgetting something (or worse someone).

Todoist even works with Amazon’s Alexa, making adding things to your to-do list as simple as saying “Pick up Sam from soccer tomorrow at 8:00 p.m.”






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time tree appTime Tree: Shared Calendar

Keeping track of your own schedule is hard enough.  Adding a spouse and children into the mix can make it nearly impossible to keep everything straight.

Time Tree allows each member of the family to have a personal calendar.

Each calendar is visible to everyone else in the family. Having access to a universal calendar, creates a convenient way to keep track of everyone’s plans.

When events are scheduled adding them to your calendar in real time helps ensure your never double booked and have time to travel to each appointment.







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cozi appCozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer combines several apps into one.  It consists of a grocery list, a shared calendar and a to-do list all in one.

With Cozi Family Organizer there is no more forgetting snack packs for school lunches or waffles for breakfast.  The shared grocery list makes it possible for each member of the family to add and view items on the family shopping list ensuring whoever stops at the store knows what is needed.

Cozi’s calendar feature provides color-coded options and reminders to keep everyone on schedule. The color-coded calendars allows the visualization of every day’s task easy.

By seeing everyone’s schedule laid out and having automated reminders, Cozi helps families stay on time and on task every day.






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Waze appWaze

Google maps might be the leader in GPS apps, but Waze (which google owns) can help daily commuters save valuable time. Even if you don’t need directions, Waze can help you find the fastest route to any destination.

Waze works by allowing the direct input from its users.  Unlike traditional GPS services that rely on national traffic info, Waze uses those people on the road to inform its users of any expected delays.

Waze allows users to input accidents, traffic, police, or hazards into the app, informing other users of potential delays.  Maintaining an up to date view of current traffic provides the peace and mind and knowledge to leave and make it to your destination on time.








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