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Dissolving your marriage often means a change in financial circumstances for one or both parties. Alimony may be awarded to a party in order to help maintain a certain standard of living. Some reasons for this include but are not limited to being the lower wage earner or being a stay-at-home parent.

Our experienced attorneys can advise you on the entire alimony process including possible payment amounts, durational alimony, or permanent alimony. When an agreement cannot be reached, the court will decide if alimony is necessary and specify an amount.



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    How long is Alimony paid for?

    Following Florida’s family laws, Alimony or spousal Support may be granted temporarily and is frequently paid for a predetermined time. By agreement of the parties, Alimony or maintenance may also be renegotiated or left unchanged. How long you were married is one of many variables affecting maintenance length.

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    Can Alimony be changed?

    In Florida, unless the parties agree otherwise, the court can change maintenance. The parties may decide upon the amount and duration of maintenance. If maintenance can be changed, it will remain changeable (unless later on it is terminated or the parties agree to something else).

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    Alimony vs Child Support, what’s the difference?

    Both maintenance and child support payments support the necessities of a family, but they are based on two legal frameworks. The amount paid for one payment can affect the amount of the other, even though each payment is distinct from the others.

Florida Alimony Attorney Articles

Do Mothers Always Get Custody of the Kids?

Do Mothers Always Get Custody of the Kids?

Contrary to popular belief, mothers do not automatically get custody of the children in a divorce. The courts in Florida make custody decisions based on a comprehensive evaluation of the factors that impact the child’s wellbeing. As a custody attorney, I’ve seen firsthand how fathers can successfully obtain joint or even primary custody when they are able to demonstrate their parental fitness and commitment to their children.

Heal & Thrive: Your Divorce Wellness Guide

Heal & Thrive: Your Divorce Wellness Guide

Navigating divorce can be emotionally taxing. Learn how to prioritize your mental health, find support, and develop resilience during this challenging time.Navigating divorce can be emotionally taxing. Learn how to prioritize your mental health, find support, and develop resilience during this challenging time.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer First

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer First

Discover when to hire a divorce lawyer to protect your rights and improve your case outcome. Early legal representation can provide significant advantages. Click to learn more.

Navigating Custody and Relocation

Navigating Custody and Relocation

Explore key strategies for handling child custody and relocation, ensuring your child’s well-being with legal insights and practical advice.

How to Get Financial Assistance for Custody

How to Get Financial Assistance for Custody

Discover how to get financial assistance for custody battles. Learn about free legal aid, court fee waivers, non-profit organizations, and legal financing options to ease your financial burden.

Case Study: Because legal issues rarely stand their own

In Florida, new family laws make getting post-divorce support tougher, especially for those who’ve put careers aside for their families. This is a big deal for people who’ve been out of work, focusing on home or their partner’s success, and now face divorce under strict rules.


Brandon Legal Group (BLG) is the firm for these tough cases. Imagine someone without recent work experience navigating these harsh laws. That’s where BLG excels, fighting for fair support when laws aren’t on your side. They’re about fairness and making sure everyone gets a chance, no matter the legal hurdles. BLG is your ally in these challenging times, ready to stand up for what’s right.

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Attorney Ingrid Hooglander Of Brandon Legal Group


In 2008 after gaining years of experience under the watchful eyes of her predecessors, Ms. Hooglander opened her own private practice that has grown into what Brandon Legal Group is today.Her weight lifting and Kick Boxing training contribute to a reputation as a "force of nature" in both her personal life and her presence in the court room.

Attorney Luke Mattson of brandon legal group


Mr. Mattson found his niche in family law and has focused his practice in that area since 2000. In particular, Luke often handles matters involving divorce, time-sharing, parenting plans, child support, alimony, paternity, and civil domestic violence. Mr. Mattson might look like he’s all business, but you'd be surprised to discover the incredible fun loving attitude he brings to the practice. When outside the courtroom, Mr. Mattson can often be found watching Lightning games or riding his bike around downtown Tampa.

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Whether you are looking to file for divorce or have been served with divorce papers, our experienced team of attorneys can help you make sure you receive what you're owed!

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Everyone wants to know "How Much" when it comes to child support. We run the guidelines and look at your financials to make sure you are not being taken advantage of.


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Time-sharing is the new name for custody. Having a time-sharing plan that works for both parents is an important part in any relationship between parents after a divorce or paternity case.

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Gone are the days of lifetime alimony. If you have been ordered to pay alimony or are receiving it and have a life change our attorneys may be able to help recalculate the payments.

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Prenups and Postnups have long thought of as betting against the marriage. Our attorneys can work to create an agreement that protects both you and your spouse throughout your marriage

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In addition to our family law serivces we offer other legal services including, Mediation, Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, Persosonal Injury, Business Law, and Civil Litigation services.

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