Pick your divorce lawyer wisely, as it could save your bottom line.

Find a divorce attorney that is experienced and knowledgeable, but is also a good fit for you. You have the power to set the tone for your divorce. Are you looking to part ways amicably, or to reign down chaos? The attorney should advise you, but also respect your position on how to approach the negotiations.

Often, when you have a friend suggest a divorce attorney based on their experience, it makes sense to see that person last in the interview process, not first. If you see an attorney last, you are a much more educated consumer of their services, and you will be able to quickly size up whether or not the recommended attorney is a fit. Especially if this is your first divorce, you are not an educated consumer. Take advantage of free initial consultations to educate yourself not only about what to expect but about what you want in a divorce attorney.

Just because a divorce lawyer has a high hourly rate doesn’t necessarily mean they will honor your wishes. For best results, go with your gut feeling. As always, every situation is unique. This series is intended to “start the thinking process” to take emotive choices out of a hard situation. Everyone’s situation is different, and this is not intended as legal advice. Please, speak to a divorce attorney prior to making any decisions, especially decisions based on a simple blog post. There are many mitigating factors that will go into the final divorce decree.