At a car accident deposition, you can expect to be asked details about your background and information about the car accident itself. 

A deposition is a legal Q&A session where a witness will answer questions from an attorney, under oath. As it pertains to a deposition in a car accident, the witness could either be the drivers involved in the car accident, passengers, or any eyewitness to the car accident. Depositions are considered an integral part of the discovery phase in any car accident litigation. The discovery phase is when the attorney gathers information about the accident. In general, a deposition in a car accident case will cover three topics: 1) your background, 2) how the accident occurred, and 3) (if you are the plaintiff) any injuries or medical treatment you have sustained as a result of the car accident. We will cover all these topics in the next series of articles

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What To Expect at a Car Accident Deposition – First in a Series

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