Children don’t care about child support or why you don’t like each other. Children care about who is there.

Children don’t care about how the assets are divided in a divorce. Children don’t care about who is married to whom and when. Children don’t care about how much child support is or who pays it. Children don’t care about your legal battle. Children are children. Children do care about who drives them to school in the morning and picks them up at the end of the day. Children do care about who is in the stands cheering them on at their soccer game or watching them proudly at their ballet recital. Children do care about who will help them with their math homework and make them dinner. Children do care about who will make them chicken noodle soup and stay up with them when they are feeling sick. Because children care about who is there for them and being there to support your children is being a real parent.
As you go through your divorce, contemplate separating with your spouse, or continue your life as a divorcee, remember to be that real parent for your children. Do not let your own problems with your ex cause your kids to be unhappy. Although discussing matters of child custody and child support can certainly cause tension, remember that those issues should remain between you and your ex. It is important that you continue to support your kids through the divorce process and after. Even if you are uncomfortable, your child will be much happier to see you both at the winter concert on opposite sides of the room than to have no one there to cheer them on.