Co-Parenting – Putting Your Children First

Separation, and divorce, are among the most challenging times a couple who once shared life can go through.  Once joyous memories morph into hostility and contempt.  Successfully co-parenting children is more complicated than the divorce itself.  So how do you successfully raise children with someone who is no longer in your life and whom you may even dislike?

The Simple Answer is “Love Your Children More Than You Hate Your Ex!”

We understand that co-parenting is complex, and we have seen ex-couples’ struggles to co-parent successfully, especially as they work through their hurt feelings over their failed relationship.

However, when a relationship ends, the uncoupling that parents may feel should compel them to work together to facilitate their child’s development, education, and pursuit of interests.  Parents must maintain an open and effective line of communication with one another, whether academic, athletic, or artistic.

When one or both parents actively try to make the other parent look bad, the child.  Clear communication is essential.  Children should not act as messengers between parents who do not maintain an open line of communication.  If you can’t communicate well, you can’t co-parent well, and unfortunately, this is where you’re likely to have conflicts that require legal counsel to resolve.


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