Divorce Communication and Your Attorney – Maintain Cordial Communication With Spouse

How can I maintain cordial communication with my spouse?

We once heard excellent advice. If you can’t say it in 3 sentences, you perhaps shouldn’t say anything. Take a break, do something else, and revisit your communications. In the back of your mind, every time you write a lengthy dissertation, remember that two attorneys are probably going to bill to read it, your attorney and theirs. A 1,000-word online vent followed by their 1,500-word response can be very expensive, very quickly.

The secret to effective communications is Brevity!

You should make an effort to communicate in a friendly manner. Broach the issue of communication with your soon-to-be-ex and draw on your divorce attorney’s experience. An experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorney will equip you with the tools you need to communicate more effectively with your spouse.

These tools include knowing how to communicate with your spouse, learning when to communicate with your spouse, and resolving conflict. If your divorce lawyer cannot provide you with this information, you should question their experience.

Brandon Legal Group’s divorce lawyers place a high value on communication, not only the exchanged words but also the tone and timing. As a result, we provide our clients with the tools they need to communicate with their spouse efficiently and productively.

Some spouses do not listen. Communication breakdowns are among the top reasons for divorce, and we get it. It is also true that some spouses take even the most basic communications and turn them into a source of contention. The divorce attorney with whom you meet for the first time should assist you in communicating with this type of difficult, if not toxic, personality. The divorce attorney you meet with should also advise you on when to stop communicating with such people, as hard as that might sound.


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