Health insurance Impact on Senior Divorce

Getting health insurance at 60 years of age or older is no walk in the park.

If a family policy currently covers you via your spouse’s health insurance, there might be a coverage gap until age 65 when Medicare kicks in. You can go with COBRA group coverage for as much as 36 months, but it is costly.  Many have decided based only on health insurance alone that delaying a divorce might be a good alternative until the spouse reaches age 65.  Making those arrangements and agreements are probably something that you would want to do with your divorce attorney and financial planner. If both partners have health problems and cannot get coverage otherwise, a divorce might cause problems.

The intricacies of getting health insurance, or keeping health insurance, can become an unexpectedly large factor in the divorce process, especially for those who are senior, but under 65.  The divorce attorneys at Brandon Legal Group will assist you in these decisions.  Give us a call.  Your first consultation is free.