The police will have to be called in extreme circumstances. Apart from this, Florida has a process for obtaining a restraining order if your partner is guilty of certain behavior, without having to notify your partner of your efforts to obtain one (ask a lawyer or court clerk for more details). On this basis, if the court doesn’t issue a restraining order (“ex parte”) a hearing will be held in a number of days following the restraining order being issued where your spouse has the chance to appear in Court to defend themselves. This procedure can take place even before the divorce procedure starts. After the divorce procedure has started, the Court could issue an order to have your spouse removed from the house if the situation is really bad (particularly if kids are involved) and demand that your spouse maintain their distance from you. The Court system makes these issues a priority and doesn’t have to be put off to the very end of the case.


As always, be safe, your safety and the safety of your family should always be the first priority.  If you need help getting a restraining order, don’t hesitate to call the divorce attorneys at Brandon Legal Group.


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