It’s not a good divorce strategy, however, it’s a proven fact that some people going through a divorce become impulsive with newfound freedom. Some have this insatiable need to show their ex that they are better off without them. The most common way this is done is by making a big purchase, like a nicer car, maybe even a boat. As luxurious and relaxing as these things sound, it is not a sound divorce strategy. Repress any temptation to make big purchases during the divorce process.

Instead of making these big purchases while going through your divorce, the better divorce strategy is for the purchaser to buy expensive items either before the filing of the divorce or after the divorce decree is signed, and the ink has dried.

If you buy before you file for divorce, your ex may end up with rights to the asset, but if you “have to have it now” then, before you file, and argue for it in court. If it can wait, buy it after the divorce decree is signed and the ink is dry.

Some states have an automatic financial restraint ordered after filing for a divorce. This order makes it to where a couple undergoing a divorce becomes incapable of either making expensive purchases or liquidating their assets.