Our first line of defense, are the First Responders, Firefighters, doctors, nurses, paramedics, the PCT in the hospital, and so many more unsung everyday heroes.  We are blessed to have a society with so many that are so dedicated.  As the Corona Virus spreads across the world we continue to hear about the fevers, difficulty breathing, and the cough associated with the illness.  These symptoms may mean you likely have COVID-19, but it’s the unforeseen side effects that have been impacting first responder families in ways they never imagined.  

First Responders Families are now being split up because of the coronavirus.  There are judges, including one in Florida that have ruled one parent unable to take care of their child due to working in an industry with a higher risk of contracting COVID-19.  

A Florida Nurse recently found herself in this situation when her husband won temporary custody of their child until the pandemic is over.  Naturally, this is a difficult situation for both the courts and the families.  The mother now has to choose between her job, saving lives, and seeing her child.

                To read the full story of the Florida Nurse click here.

Some unforeseen side effects of the Coronavirus pandemic are beginning to show up.  The health of the population has been the focus throughout the whole pandemic. Unfortunately, the health of everyone may come at the expense of the family. Essential employees such as nurses are now facing choices that they do not want to make including seeing their children or continuing to work because of the outbreak.  

We invite you to review our Coronavirus Response page for more information.

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