Brandon Legal Group’s first $1,000 scholarship has been awarded to Stephanie Stein. Stephanie is a law student at Stetson University College of Law. The attorneys at Brandon Legal Group would like to say congratulations to Stephanie! We wish her the best of luck with the rest of her law school career and her future career as a lawyer.

Excerpts from Stephanie’s essay can be read below. She chose to answer the question,

“How can you help your children during/after a divorce?”


Divorce is never easy, especially for the children of divorce who may not be emotionally capable of dealing with the aftermath.  You can help your children during and after the divorce by encouraging your children to love and spend time with both parents, listening to your children and their feelings, and by taking care of yourself emotionally. While Florida courts require all parents to attend a Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course, parents can do more at home to help their children adjust to life during and post-divorce. Each family is different. Each divorce is different. Therefore, it is important for both parents to help their children during and after the divorce proceedings in a way that works best for their specific family.

If this [divorce] becomes more than a parent can handle on their own, or they do not know how to guide their children through the major life change that is divorce, family or individual counseling can help meet the emotional needs of all family members. Attorneys can advocate for the parents to ensure that each parent’s voice is heard and, with good negotiation skills when necessary, help come to an agreement that will work for the family. A Guardian Ad Litem can advocate for the children if the parents are not currently able to do so or disagree on how to do so.

The example each parent sets during and after the divorce will shape the way the children interact with their parents and with others for years to come. The best way to help each party and their children is by remembering to put the children’s best interests first.  


Our attorneys would once again like to congratulate Stephanie Stein. If you applied but were not chosen as a winner, Brandon Legal Group is offering more scholarship opportunities before the end of the year. The next scholarship is now open to students in paralegal studies programs in Florida as well. For more information on our current scholarship contest, visit our scholarship page.

Stephanie Stein Legal Scholarship Winner

Ingrid Hooglander gives Stephanie Stein her $1.000 scholarship award @ Brandon Legal Group’s Brandon Office.