Five Reasons Mediation in Divorce Actions Makes Sense

Parties to a Divorce Action have the opportunity to settle their dispute outside of court through mediation.  Time, money, stress, and the parties’ general well-being can all be saved during the mediation process.  Mediation can provide significant advantages whether you are divorcing or dealing with a personal injury problem, landlord-tenant issue, insurance coverage dispute, employment or contract issues, or both.

Although I will concentrate on family law mediation in this post, the advantages apply to many situations.

Cost Reduction using Divorce Mediation

In Floridas, getting a divorce can be pretty expensive.  In marriage disputes, We have witnessed countless litigants spend all of their life savings.  Many of these disputes might have been settled through mediation for a much lower price.

Divorce Mediation Flexibility

A judge’s calendar is filled with far too many cases, especially as the COVID-19 backlog is still being processed through the Family Law courts.  As a result, the judge will choose the day, time, and format of any appearances.  For example, it might take place in person or online.  In mediation, parties and counsel have the chance to express their opinions regarding scheduling and how the matter will be heard.  In other circumstances, the proceeding can be a hybrid in which some participants attend in person while others participate virtually.

Everyone will feel in charge and confident because the parties and counsel will choose the mediator.  Therefore, the first step in beginning to believe that the mediator will help resolve the dispute is choosing one.

Saving time and consistency

When a case goes to trial, there are almost always significant disagreements concerning finances and children.  One of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life may drag on for weeks during the trial in this kind of case, which can significantly impact finances, work performance, mental health, other relationships, and general well-being.  Meditating means spending less time away from your job, kids, life, and the important moments.

Maintaining the dialogue once the mediator builds rapport with the parties is essential.  Smaller-scale agreements frequently result in larger-scale ones.  Scheduling daily sessions during mediation is a fantastic technique for coming to an agreement.

Mediation Privacy

One of the most stressful life situations is divorce.  Now is the time to think of methods to alleviate the strain on the family.

Divorce proceedings offer an extra layer of scrutiny and can heighten the stress of the process.  As they should be, courts are open to the public to attend, and court records are available to the public.  Mediation, on the other hand, is private.   With few exceptions (like the danger to a child), what is said in mediation, stays in mediation.   The mediation environment is more intimate, private, and secure.

Prolonged Effects

A study on mediating versus litigating child custody issues conducted at the University of Virginia and published by The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology provides a clear indicator of the advantages of mediation over litigation.  The 12-year follow-up statistics show that mediation encourages parents to be involved in their children’s lives after divorce without escalating co-parenting conflict, even in contentious cases.

The non-residential parent was more likely to participate in co-parenting activities.  Additionally, parents continued to remain engaged even after 12 years.  Noncustodial parents were three times as likely to see their children weekly and four times as likely to talk to their children weekly than those parents choosing litigation.  When considering the impacts of divorce, these findings have a significant impact.

There is a reasonable probability that the parties will reach an agreement with the help of an experienced mediator in a calmer, more personal setting, as opposed to a courtroom.  The mediator must listen to each party’s account without passing judgment.  The goals of mediation include laying the groundwork for resolving issues in the future.  Of course, even if the marriage is broken, we all hope relationships between children and parents will endure, particularly when young children are involved.  (assuming that it is safe).

Through mediation, parties can finish a challenging chapter in their lives while saving money and time.  In addition, parties can work toward the greatest possible outcome through mediation, both now and in the future.

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