The law in Florida regarding custody prioritizes the capability of each parent to promote a parental bond between the child and the other parent, which focuses on co-parenting and communication skills. The judge will evaluate each parent’s ability to respect the time-sharing schedule and to create practical changes without turning to courtroom involvement. A court will likely look at a parent’s ability to interact with each other, to keep each other updated about the child’s life, and to embrace a cohesive approach with regards to significant matters. Parents are likewise required to guard a child against the emotional stress of divorce, such as staying away from saying disparaging remarks about each other when in front of the child.

How you behave at your worst when you are hurt and heartbroken can and most likely will be used as evidence of your ability (or lack thereof) to co-parent, and communicate together.  A good custody attorney will provide guidance to make sure that you behave appropriately to further the probability of winning your custody case.


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