Find out about the “best interest” standard

and the way it works for child custody situations in Florida.

The best interest of the child is a major deciding factor for determining child custody  (known as time-sharing) in Florida divorce cases. Judges will assess every case on its own merits.  Florida law indicates that children usually benefit from having frequent and continuous contact with each parent and from both parents being involved in parental decision-making after the divorce. There is typically a presumption that parents will share parental responsibility and make joint decisions regarding matters that affect the child’s well-being. The judge will take into account all relevant parenting factors and use the laws of the given state as a guideline. These guidelines fall into the three basic categories of health and safety, emotional and developmental needs, and co-parenting and communication skills.

In divorce proceedings, the issues around child custody can often be the most contentious.  We strongly urge that you be represented by qualified legal counsel to protect yourself, and to protect the best interest of your child.  Give us a call, or fill out a form, let’s get in touch.  Your initial consultation is always free.

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