Considering that divorce-related legal fees are the proverbial “500-pound gorilla in the room” and far too obvious to ignore, many other general expenses are sometimes overlooked – until the end of the month comes and you find yourself wondering what has happened to your money.

How about some examples? Have you been doing additional paperwork doing the divorce? What about expenses like additional printer paper, envelopes, stamps and printer ink? Also, with the extra stress associated with a divorce, you need to be sure to continue caring for yourself – maintain your gym membership, yoga lessons, massages, etc. And that’s only for your physical self – at times like this continuing to go to your therapist (should you have one) becomes especially important. Something else to consider is that if children enter into the equation you’re also want to stay healthy for them as well.

As always, every situation is unique.  This series is intended to “start the thinking process” to take emotive choices out of a hard situation.  Everyone’s situation is different, and this is not intended as legal advice.  Please, speak to a divorce attorney prior to making any decisions, especially decisions based on a simple blog post.   There are many mitigating factors that will go into the final divorce decree.