As Family Law attorneys, we typically see the most courageous efforts that go into being a parent.

Yesterday Sunday (July2),  no one was in office to blog that it was Parents Day.   We applaud all the parents we encounter every day.  Nearly all are doing what they believe is best for their kids.   Another area of our firm represents the ultimate in parenting, that is our Estate Planning practice.  This is where parents come together with whatever resources they have, and plan the financial future for their children in the event of the parents’ demise.

Whatever your relationship is with your child, whether you are a single parent, shared parenting, fighting to get to see your child, or planning for their future once you are gone, it does not matter.  You got this far.  Stop take a breath congratulate yourself.   Recognize that a fight for fight’s sake is not always in the kids best interest, but a fight for the kids best interest is always a worthy fight.   Look at your child, or a picture if that’s all you have.  Let your heart fill with love, and know that yesterday, was Parent’s Day.

We hope you were able to enjoy it with your kids.   While we are on the topic, if your parent(s) are still with us, take a moment to reach out, and let them know you are grateful for them as well.

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