The family law attorneys at Brandon Legal Group know that divorce is a difficult situation for anyone to go through. If you see one of your friends struggling, there may be some things that you can do to help them out during this tough time. Read below or look back at Help a Friend Get Through Divorce (Part I) for some possible insight on how you can be there for them. Remember, not everyone reacts to a divorce in the same way, so decide what will be the most helpful approach for your friend.

Being There for Your Divorcing Friend

Your friend will probably be in need of a good laugh. Focus on inviting them to events that are fun and comical. Avoid places that are romantic or relating to their relationship with their ex. It may also be a good time to ditch your spouse and have a night out with just friends. No one, especially a new divorcee, wants to always be the third wheel.

It is important to remember that your friend may be going from having another live-in parent with shared responsibilities to suddenly being on their own. Help them as they try to adjust to this new lifestyle. Your friend could now be forced to handle things that their ex-spouse had taken care of. Offer to help them move, watch the kids, cook a meal, or complete these new tasks with them.

Divorcees with children may end up without their kids on big holidays. The first year this happens can be especially tough. Some may have family far away and could wind up alone. Invite them to spend the holidays with you and your family. It is best to ask in advance and then again as it gets closer. They may say no because they feel intrusive, so make sure they know you want them there.

Some people like to think that divorce can be a fresh start. With more time devoted to themselves, divorcees sometimes pick up a new hobby. Take interest in their new hobby whether that is asking questions or even trying it out with them. If too much time passes and your friend is still reluctant to do anything, suggest a new activity or club for the both of you to try together.

The most important part of helping your friend through a divorce is being there for them in whatever way they need and continuing to be a good friend. While your friend may shut you out at times, be there for when they decide they do need you.

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