When the welfare of a child comes into play the parent who has received custody has an ally in the form of the Child Support Enforcement Division. Since the child was the product of the two members of the marital union, a portion of the financial responsibility for the needs of the child is still to be shared by both parties, even after a divorce.

So what can the Child Support Enforcement Division do to help? First of all, they can assist in locating missing parents – until the parent responsible for the child support is found anything else is for naught.

Has someone alleged to be the father denying that claim, perhaps in an effort to avoid child support payments? The Child Support Enforcement Division can assist in establishing paternity if the need arises. 

Before payments can be made a specific amount must be established which is, again, where the Child Support Enforcement Division steps in. But their responsibility doesn’t end there; they also have the power to modify support orders as needs change and to enforce support orders to ensure that sufficient financial resources are in place to provide the child in question the with necessities of food, shelter, medical care, and education. 


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