I can’t afford a divorce lawyer, what can I do?

Apart from getting a Legal Aid lawyer if your income qualifies you for such help, there is a possibility that the Court might demand that your spouse pays for your lawyer fees. If your spouse earns significantly more than you, this might happen. In this situation, you should consult your lawyer about having their fees paid and if the Court demands that your spouse pays for your lawyer’s fees. However, keep in mind that if you have the lawyer fees, although you are earning less than your spouse, the lawyer might not agree with this since the court might order you to get reimbursed for your lawyer fees. Furthermore, lawyers similar to any other professional like to get paid quickly for the services they provide. The lawyer might agree to delay payment if there is a good chance that there are assets or money they can put a lien on or if your spouse has a long career in a well-paying job and you have no money to pay their fees.

We understand that divorce can be expensive, both the fees and the aftermath.  Have an open conversation about your financial position with our attorneys before committing to a divorce legal firm.