I Want Full Custody of My Child, How Can I Get It?

Before considering legal action, you should first consider whether it is possible to agree with the other parent regarding custody before pursuing a long drawn out legal dispute. Remember, you should always be keeping your child’s best interest at heart before deciding whether or not to pursue legal action.

Also, keep in mind that if the other parent is involved in your child’s life and is a loving and stable parent, it is highly unlikely that the court will outright deny them custody rights of their child. If it is not possible to work this out with your child and you must take legal action, here are some general suggestions:

  • Seek family mediation if you and the other parent can cooperate;
  • Draft and negotiate an out of court parenting agreement, if possible;
  • Understand and distinguish between legal and physical custody, and understand how these differences will affect your case and ability to obtain full custody.
  • File a petition with the court immediately for a custody order if the other parent has violated or abused a prior custody agreement.

If you want to obtain full custody of your child (or children), then you must avoid the following inappropriate conduct:

  • Harassing, intimidating, or threatening the other parent;
  • Repeatedly calling or showing up at the other parent’s home or job without notice or approval.
  • Threatening to withhold alimony or child support, even if you feel that the other parent is “not playing fair.”
  • Missing any court hearings or meetings where your attendance is required;
  • Using custody and support proceedings only as a way to gain leverage and control over the other parent;
  • Communicating directly with the other parent if they have an attorney representing them. Instead, you should communicate through your respective attorneys.

Overall, you must follow the court order. When the court is making its final ruling, it will consider your conduct and willingness to follow its direction. This is especially true if the other parent is violating the court order. If you continue to follow the court’s order, it shows that you are a responsible parent who is willing to work with the court system to resolve your family law matter.


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I Want Full Custody of My Child, How Can I Get It?