If I Have Full Custody, Do I Have to Allow Visitation?

If you have full custody, you must follow the court order regarding visitation entirely. As such, if the court has granted you full custody of your child, then it has also determined what kind of access the other parent has with the child. If you, as the custodial parent, do not follow the court’s order, there is a possibility you could be held in contempt of court at some point down the road.

Keep in mind that you are not required to allow visitation with your child if there is no court order addressing visitation. As such,  regardless of whether the other parent is demanding visitation or even threatening you for visitation, or threatening to withhold child support if they are not allowed to visit with the child, you still do not have to grant visitation without a court order. Instead, the other parent must file a visitation position with the court. If visitation was previously denied by the court, the other parent still cannot force you to grant them any sort of visitation.


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If I Have Full Custody, Do I Have to Allow Visitation?


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