Some divorce actions might not be settled for months or even years. During that time, many couples who cannot agree on the dynamics of their interim relationship may still require support navigating financial and childcare issues. Temporary orders allow both parties to deal with such matters as payments for spousal support, child support payments, parental responsibility, property and vehicle division, expenditures, and debt payments. It can be especially crucial for spouses with children who need to implement a parenting plan immediately.

Getting a Temporary Order

A scheduled court hearing, or by mediation, can result in temporary orders. Before the hearing, the following matters will be addressed temporarily. First, each spouse shall list their month-long income, spending, and property used by the Court.

• Temporary Time Sharing with the children of the marriage

• Temporary Spousal or child support

• Develop a Time Sharing Plan for the children spending time with each spouse

• Granting home, vehicle,  or other property to one spouse during the divorce process

You must first file a petition and then request a temporary order with the Court to obtain an interim order for your divorce. You must mention in the motion what your reasoning is and what you want it to contain. You may need more documentation, which your attorney can assist you in handling based on your requests.

Get divorce lawyer advice you can rely on

The divorce procedure might be complex, but you can be sure that you achieve the best outcomes for your case by having competent lawyers at your side. Our divorce lawyers in Brandon, Florida, will assist you in filing all the appropriate complaints to ensure that you have all the essential information to get a temporary divorce order.

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