If the police charge your child with a criminal offence, what procedures follow?

If the police charge your child, the following is the typical process.  Information concerning the charges will be furnished to the DCF and to the state attorney for review. A counselor from DCF will contact you and your child and arrange a conference to discuss the charge and your child’s background. Your child should refrain from answering questions about involvement in the actual crime, because this conversation can be used in court in many instances. DCF will make recommendations to the state attorney concerning appropriate ways to handle the matter. These recommendations are advisory only; the state attorney will make the final determination as to whether or not formal charges (a delinquency petition) will be filed against your child. In many parts of Florida, less serious offenses are handled by diverting the child from the formal judicial process into programs designed to remedy the situation without the need for court action. You should inquire about these programs.
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