We’d like to acknowledge the contribution of Erika Pond to our Legal Scholarship, an essay competition.  While not the winner, her essay certainly deserved publication in a public forum.

Erika is from Lake Weir High, International Baccalaureate Program.

Are men and women really equal when it comes to raising children?

Men and women have many different qualities, however, in today’s society, many traditional heterosexual families are no longer in existence, or in a sense no longer popular. Many families have a single father or mother, or even homosexual parents. The topic of if the quality to raise children is a question to ask in many situations, adoption and even in the court system.

There are many reasons why a person shouldn’t be able to parent however sexuality or gender shouldn’t be apart of it. Gender doesn’t define the love that can be produced by a man or a woman. In many court cases, the mothers are often given the rights of the children in the case of divorce. This is not only due to specific situations but also the stereotypes of a man and a woman. A woman is perceived as nurturing and caring because throughout history they have taken care of the children and have stayed at home. And for the man, they are perceived as callous and distant, with their main focus of providing for the family. These stereotypes still impact our cultures. In some cases, the kids were probably better to live with the father rather than the mother, but the kids were put with the mother because of the stereotype.

In a psychology case, girls who grew up without a father were surveyed and studied, and it turns out that many of them had discipline problems, and other problems because the father wasn’t in there life. However, this doesn’t mean that children who grew up without a mother didn’t have a problem either. A man and a woman bring different qualities in raising a child. But just because the qualities are different, that shouldn’t subject for their ability to raise a child to be not equivalent. Many single fathers and mother end up raising the children to become great citizens of the United States. Not only single parents face this problem of being criticized for what their gender when raising children but so do homosexual parents.

This topic of being homosexual and being legally married is controversial, however, it is happening. And to determine if a homosexual couple to adopt kids and very much in the grey area of our society. If we fall under the stereotypes of a man being the callous one in a marriage that is of men will have no chance of raising a child, even so with a couple being women. However, humans are animals that take care of our young. We have little reproduction now and spend years taking care of them. This is biology, we are hand on parents. This instinct is not just for a woman but for a man too. Although women and men haven’t been equal in awhile and probably won’t be, the ability to raise a child should be seen as the same.

There is more to a person than their gender, such as personality and what they have done with their lives. Kids don’t ask to be born however for whether to question if a man should raise a baby or a woman, it’s a complicated process. However, when it all boils down we are mammals, born with natural instincts to protect and provide for our young, so yes men and women are equal when raising a child.Content goes here

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