Of all of the changes that need to be done when getting a divorce, life insurance might feel like another chore to add to the list. While dealing with custody matters, moving, the division of your things, the effect on your children, and being single once more, life insurance is one change that is often overlooked.

Do not push insurance off to the side for too long because it is an important aspect of the divorce process, particularly if you have dependent children. Life insurance is a way to provide financial security for you and your kids. It could be used to replace child support or alimony payments in the event that the higher-earning ex-spouse passes away. This would ensure that your children continue to be taken care of financially.

We advise you to spend some time with this short series and ensure that what you plan for your family after you pass is reflected in your life insurance policy.  As always, the family law attorneys at Brandon Legal Group are here to assist you along the way.


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