How Life Insurance Works With Divorce:

Protecting Child Support and Alimony Payments –

After a divorce, the parent with primary custody may receive alimony or child support payments from their ex. These payments should be used to care for the children and plan for their futures. If the paying partner were to pass away, the primary custody parent would struggle to replace this lost income.

Divorcing with children can be an incredibly difficult process. Your kids may feel like their world is being turned upside down. If you are the primary custodial guardian, you may be entitled to receive child support, if not, you may end up paying it. As your child support attorney, we are here to work with you towards your desired outcome. With our vast amount of experience, we can advise you on the child support process. How much the payments are depends on a number of factors, from how much you make, to how many children there are. Contact Brandon Legal Group for all of your Child Support and Alimony needs.

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