Managing a High Asset Divorce

All divorces present difficulties, but the divorce process can become even more problematic for considerably wealthy couples with many assets. Since most affluent clients often have several companies, assets, investments, vehicles, fine art, equity, etc., all marital assets must be appropriately identified and valued.

This process is referred to as a valuation. In addition, a correct valuation for children’s support, alimony, and attorney’s costs are also important.

Even more problematic is the fair and fair distribution of marital property if it concerns pre-marital assets, whether one or both sides have a prenuptial agreement.  In our experience, the more assets on the table, the more likely one spouse misrepresents their income or falsifies their property’s value.  An experienced divorce lawyer with special detectives, forensic accountants, even Private Investigators can help to ensure a complete and accurate allocation of marital assets.

Brandon Legal Group uses several different specialists, recommending, consulting, and hiring the most relevant professionals for your unique situation. When there is a significant amount of money on the table, the extra cost of these experts is justifiable. In addition, reports from these professionals potentially preserve your assets and simplify your argument for the judge.

If you have a high asset divorce in West Central Florida, rely on skilled Family Law attorneys like Brandon Legal Group to aggressively protect your assets and your family through the divorce process.

We have decades of experience with high-asset divorces and understand the obstacles you are likely to encounter are more involved than a typical divorce.

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