Myth #10 – Divorce is Always Expensive


The level of reasonableness of both spouses has a dramatic impact on how expensive divorce can be.  For instance, sending 5 page diatribes worth of email back and forth with accusations and anger, and copying your attorney…is not effective other than having the opportunity to vent, and you pay your attorney to read not only your venting, but your soon to be ex-spouse’s response.  Refusing to separate with an asset over its emotional value, and being unmoving on your position can take you from mediation to court.  Ask yourself, is this fight really worth the expense of going to court?

Sometimes, there really is a “bad parent” and a “good parent”, and it is in the best interest of the children to spend more timesharing with the good parent.  If the spouses can’t come to an agreement on this, then there might be a custody evaluator, a Guardian Ad Litem, and a court appointed psychiatrist for the children, forced anger management classes, and the process drags on and becomes more and more expensive.  Once again, expensive is not the same as inappropriate.  At times it is totally appropriate to engage in a full court press divorce, especially if one parent is a risk to the children’s well being.

More often though, who gets more time with the kids is routed in factors other than the best interest of the children, including revenge, support payments, and a host of other factors, not related to the ability of either parent to co-parent effectively.  The least expensive option to divorce is called collaborative divorce, where both spouses work out their differences with an attorney, and settle their issues, and move on with life.  The most expensive divorce is one that is highly contested, and drags on in court for days.  It is not necessarily inappropriate to have an expensive divorce, if there are real and substantive issues getting in the way of coming to a mutual agreement.  More often than not, however, stubbornness on the part of either or both spouses is the major cause of runaway legal fees.

Then again, there’s always the axiom that states “divorce is always expensive…because its worth it”.

Which direction you take your divorce in, make sure that you have an earnest conversation with your attorney about expense, and chose an attorney that supports the direction you are prepared to take in your divorce.


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