For 2016 your New Year’s resolutions included working on your marriage one last time. On New Year’s Eve you watched the ball drop to close out the year. Your mind drifted back to this resolution as the countdown began with everyone chanting around you.
TEN”… You spent the last few years trying.
NINE”… You went to marriage counseling.
EIGHT”… You’ve been on completely separate pages for so long now.
SEVEN”… What about the kids?
SIX”… It is probably worse for them to see us arguing all the time.
FIVE”… I don’t want to spend another useless year fighting.
FOUR”… I want to be happy again.
THREE”… But is this the right time for a divorce?
TWO”… Will there ever be a good time to get a divorce?
ONE”… The new year is the time for a fresh start; I deserve mine.
If you find yourself making the same doomed resolution for 2017, it may be time to consider a divorce (also known as a dissolution of marriage). Although divorce may not seem like the best way to ring in the new year, it may be in the best interests of you and your family. You can have a fresh start and the chance to reinvent yourself. If you are considering filing for divorce, the divorce attorneys at Brandon Legal Group are here to help.