Why Am I Paying Child Support With Equal Timesharing?

Having practiced family law for over 20 years I’ve heard just about everything when it comes to child support issues.  One question that a lot of people have is:

“Why am I paying child support when I have joint custody and 50/50 timesharing?”

There seems to be a myth that equal timesharing means no child support.  If this is the only reason for desiring 50/50 time with the child you may end up very disappointed.  Determining Child support is an art.  When calculating child support the amount of time spent with the child is only one piece of the equation.  In addition to the timesharing ratio, several other situations are taken into account to determine the child support obligation.

Florida Statute 61.30 outlines and determines how child support is calculated in Florida and is extensive to say the least.  These guidelines are how attorneys, and the courts determine what obligation each parent has in a child support case.

Two Reasons for Paying Child Support With 50/50 Timesharing

  1. In addition to timesharing, each parent’s income plays a significant role in determining child support.  If one parent has a higher income than the other, there could still be an obligation to pay, even with equal timesharing. The goal here is to provide a consistent quality of life for the child.
  2. Another reason for child support payments can stem from the Health insurance and child care costs for the child.  Even if both parents earn the same income and exercise equal timesharing, the expenses of the child may fall unevenly onto one parent. A child support payment can help one parent contribute to the insurance or child care costs of child being paid for by the other party.

The Next Step

These examples are only a couple of the more common reasons for child support to be required. There are other scenarios that may require a more personalized look at each individuals parenting agreement.  However, if concerned about your personal situation, it may be best to seek help from an attorney in your area.  Many attorneys, (BLG included) offer free consultations to take a look at your specific situation.   These consultations can help you understand and prepare your child support expectations based upon the Florida Child Support Guidelines.

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