In a Personal Injury case, it is fairly common for car accident victims to find it too challenging to pay for medical expenses, emergency care, or long-term treatment. Even those who have medical insurance might have a difficult time paying for huge medical bills that can be in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tampa PIP AttorneyAlthough recovery might assist with the bill payments, it doesn’t happen right away. Many healthcare providers and physicians understand this fact. In many cases, a physician will provide treatment to you with the promise of paying down the road.  Often, you may find yourself having to use doctors that are not on your normal health insurance plan if you rely on PIP Insurance to pay once the case is settled.

[box}One of our clients put it best.  They said “we always see a personal injury attorney, after a car accident.  Not so much because we are looking for the “big payoff” down the road, but mostly to make sure that we have access to doctors should there be an injury surface from the accident.   Too often, we have had our insurance company send us to someone whose job it is to say we’re OK, only to find out that we need additional care to heal from soft tissue damage.  We will never again go through an accident without involving an attorney because insurance company’s best interests are not served by paying doctors, but by minimizing the amount they have to pay.”[/box]

Let us help you find medical assistance that is ideal for your circumstance, professionals that will wait on the insurance payments until your case is fully resolved.  We cannot recommend a specific doctor for reasons of professional ethics, however, we can advise you of several doctors we have seen that will work with accident victims, and you can choose among them, or find your own medical help.  Regardless of your choices, we will be here to stand up for your rights in front of the insurance companies.