Personal Injury Q&A

What is the usual extent of a personal injury lawsuit for an auto accident?

The extent of a personal injury lawsuit is determined by the seriousness of the auto accident as well as the number of parties involved. Auto accidents that involve personal injury may have several different injured parties, who have injuries that range from mild to severe. You can get a more accurate time frame as to how long a personal injury lawsuit may take from your personal injury attorney. The time frame that it takes for you to reach the outcome you are seeking is usually dependent upon two possible avenues.  The first being if a settlement is offered and accepted, or the second being that your personal injury case goes to trial.

A personal injury lawsuit can be draining on a person, so it is natural to inquire as to how much time it takes to reach the judgement that you are seeking.  Each auto accident can be different, as the circumstances, extent of injuries, and parties involved, are not always the same. Brandon Legal Group can help you navigate through the time table of your personal injury lawsuit.  It is important when a personal injury lawsuit has been filed, that your needs are taken care of in the best way possible. Contact the personal injury attorneys today at Brandon Legal Group will help you in seeking the best outcome for yourself, your family, and your future.


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