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Our firm’s Tampa child custody attorneys have extensive experience representing children and their parents. We see it as our duty to help maintain a stable home life for children whose parents are separating. Your attorney will use certain factors to help determine what is best for a child in a Florida court and shape an argument for your case based on those factors.

You need an experienced lawyer who understands your situation. We will fight to protect your rights like you are one of our own.

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For many couples the most difficult part of the breakdown of their relationship is its effect on their children. Divorce often results in a dilemma involving where the child will live. The parents must work out who will be the primary parent. Parenting responsibilities must be divided and it can be upsetting for the children involved. When it comes to child custody, what matters most is that the outcome is what is best for the child.

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Our lawyers are prepared to give you the legal counsel you need for your child custody matters. They can offer you support and advice to try to ensure the best outcome for your family. Call us today to discuss your options. You can start the process toward securing a result that is in the best interests of your child.

Factors Tampa Child Custody Attorneys Must Consider

There are numerous issues that a judge will consider when making a child custody ruling. It is important to remember that he/she will be thinking about the best interests of the child. The outcome is not a ruling on who is the better parent. It is intended to help the child maintain a relationship with both parents without causing too much disruption to his/her life. Some of the factors taken into consideration will include the following:

  • the ability of the parents to maintain a relationship with the child and each other in relation to their child
  • the length of time the child has been in his/her current environment and the need to maintain as much continuity as possible
  • the parents divided responsibilities and their ability to put their child’s needs first
  • the fitness of the parents in moral, physical and mental terms
  • the parent’s ability to provide a routine, including their work schedule and free time
  • the child’s preference if he/she is deemed mature enough to have a say in the matter
  • the parent’s involvement in their child’s life, such as doctors appointments or extracurricular activities
  • the occurrences of violence, abuse, or neglect

The judge will consider these factors and more when making his/her decision. It isn’t always necessary to have a judge make the decision. Many couples are able to work together to create a custody plan. If you are able to do this, you only need to seek approval from the court.

The Parenting Plan Requirement

All family law cases involving minor children in Florida must include a parenting plan. This state requirement outlines each parent’s responsibilities during the separation. It should address how the parents care for their children and their legal responsibilities. These factors could include the details of each child’s routine. The plan can also feature information about their healthcare and details about their schooling. The plan helps to maintain stability for children during the divorce and custody process.

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