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Same-Sex Divorce Attorneys

Same-sex marriage was legalized in Florida in January 2015. Along with the legal recognition of same-sex marriage in Florida came the reality of same-sex divorce. A same-sex relationship can come to an end just like any other. It’s essential to recognize the issues involved. Our attorneys will handle your divorce from a same-sex spouse in a sensitive manner. We are able to acknowledge all the issues that are the same as any other marriage as well as the areas where there may be subtle differences. Although all divorce is treated the same, there can still be some extra considerations with an LGBT divorce.

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Along with same-sex marriage, same-sex divorce is still relatively new. There were previously some issues about who could be granted a same-sex divorce in Florida. Now anyone married in Florida or another state can seek a same-sex divorce. Our qualified attorneys make sure we stay up-to-date on any developments. You can rest assured that we will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

The History of Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce

In 2008 the state of Florida imposed a ban on same-sex marriage. In August 2014, however, that ban was ruled unconstitutional. It wasn’t until January 2015 that same-sex marriage in Florida officially became legal. Although it took a long time, equal marriage is finally allowed in Florida and across the U.S. LGBT individuals and rights groups as well as their allies celebrated the change. Along with the right to marry, however, came the right to divorce.

The first same-sex divorce was granted in Florida on December 17th, 2014. This was before equal marriage came to the state. The reason is that the couple in question married elsewhere. Couples who had married in other states were unable to divorce. Their marriages were not deemed legal in Florida. It was ruled that these divorces should be allowed. Florida allows the dissolution of common law marriages, although they are not legal. Being unable to divorce meant that some individuals could not change their wills. They felt unable to move on to new relationships.

Luckily, same-sex couples can now get divorced in Florida even if they married out of state. Many couples are no longer stuck in a “legal limbo” where they feel unable to move on from their marriage. They can now go through the appropriate legal channels to dissolve a marriage. It is easier to arrange issues including child custody and property division.

Same-Sex Divorce Guidance

There are several areas where we can provide legal counsel and advice. They include the divorce itself, alimony, child custody and support, and property division. One of the first issues a couple divorcing needs to consider is which route to take. If you are willing to work together, you might want a collaborative divorce. If one or both of you are in the military, there are important issues to take into account. Our Tampa same-sex divorce attorneys can help you decide which method of divorce is right for you.

The two primary issues in any divorce are usually children and finances. Child custody and support are essential matters to resolve. If you have kids, working out who will have primary custody of them can be complicated. Some parents are able to come to a parenting agreement on their own. Others need the help of a family court to determine what is best for the child. The primary caretaker will also often receive child support from the other parent. Other financial issues include spousal support. One partner might seek this if there is an income disparity. Dividing the marital property is also an important issue to address.

Issues in LGBT Divorce

Dissolving a same-sex marriage is often largely the same as doing so with a heterosexual marriage. There are some other issues that may arise with a same-sex divorce. For example, child custody arrangements can be more complicated. One parent might be the biological parent with no second-parent adoption having take place. In this case, the biological parent will be granted custody. If the second parent has adopted the child or the child was adopted by both parents, it will be the same as with heterosexual couples.

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