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Our Florida gun trust attorneys have the expert knowledge you need. We can ensure that you and any beneficiaries of yours will remain within the law at all times. Our gun trust attorneys can provide assistance with a number of issues to help you comply with the law.

You need a compassionate and competent gun trust attorney who understands your situation. We will fight to protect your rights like you are one of our own.

Experienced Florida Gun Trust Attorneys at BLG

Purchasing and owning firearms can be a complicated issue while you are alive. It can become even more complicated if you leave your firearms to a relative or a friend in your will. If you are not careful, the trust in which you hold your guns could instruct your beneficiaries to break the law. Using an NFA gun trust is often the best course of action for anyone who wants to make sure they are being safe and legal.

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Make contact with our firm to start your firearms estate planning. One of our attorneys will provide you with the help and legal advice you need to do everything by the books. You will no longer have to worry about the future of your firearms collection or getting anyone into trouble.

Purchasing a Class 3 Firearm

A class 3 firearm is one of several different types of gun. It could be a machine gun, sound suppressor, short-barreled shotgun or rifle, or destructive device. Purchasing a class 3 firearm can be difficult as it requires obtaining a document called Form 4. Many people choose to get around this by using an NFA Gun Trust. When you buy a firearm using a gun trust, it is the trust that possesses the gun, not an individual. Our Florida gun trust attorneys can help you with all aspects of a gun trust. They will ensure that the trust is created in accordance with the law. Buying real estate can also result in the possession of a defective property. When a seller fails to disclose known defects, it may be possible to pursue damages. Our attorneys can help you take this route to see if you can receive compensation. You might also be able to make a case against the real estate broker if you used one to purchase the property.

Estate Planning for Firearms

If you wish to place firearms within a trust, you can put them in a gun trust or a revocable trust. The documents for a gun trust need to be handled by an experienced gun trust attorney, such as those at our firm. The laws and regulations surrounding ownership of firearms are complicated and regional. Your trust also needs to give instructions about the ownership and handling of your guns. Speak to one of our lawyers before you acquire or transfer a new firearm.

NFA Gun Trusts

A gun trust might also be referred to as a firearms trust or firearms revocable trust. Some people hold their firearms under a corporation or LLC. Many people, however, find that a gun trust is more cost-effective. A firearms trust will instruct the trustee on how to handle the assets within the trusts. Because firearms cannot be treated like other assets, it’s important for the trust to have the correct guidance. Working with one of our Florida gun trust attorneys will ensure that you get this right. We can make sure the information within your gun trust is sufficient to prepare a trustee to handle the trust properly.

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