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Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

A prenup or postnup helps both partners by making things clear and fair, leading to a stronger and more secure marriage.

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Prenuptial Agreement

A prenup is a contract signed before marriage, outlining how assets and debts will be split if the marriage ends.

It’s not about planning for divorce but rather creating clarity and fairness from the start.

Couples can enter into marriage with a clear understanding, reducing future conflicts. It protects both partners and ensures that decisions are made thoughtfully, not during the stress of a breakup.

With a prenup, couples have control over their financial future, fostering a supportive and secure marriage.

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A postnup is similar but signed after marriage.

Maybe the couple didn’t consider it before, or their financial situation has changed.

It’s a tool to address any imbalances or uncertainties, creating a fair plan for asset division. Having a postnup encourages open communication about finances, building trust and reducing anxiety. It shows a commitment to dealing with complex issues together, strengthening the relationship.

Every marriage evolves, and a postnup ensures that changes are navigated fairly.

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Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Entering into marriage is like embarking on a shared journey. A clear plan, often facilitated by prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, lays the groundwork for mutual respect and understanding, nurturing the growth of both partners. A prenup is a blueprint, created before the journey begins, marking a commitment to fairness and equality. It’s not about mistrust, but respect for each other’s individuality and assets.

A postnup, on the other hand, is a pledge of renewal. It’s not an admission of oversight but an affirmation that love and marriage are dynamic and adaptable. As partners grow and circumstances change, a postnup ensures the relationship remains balanced and fair. It’s like a home renovation, making necessary adjustments to ensure both partners’ needs and desires are met.

Both prenups and postnups are stepping stones in the journey of marriage, not obstacles. They’re about mutual empowerment, not division. They uphold the dignity and equality of both partners, serving as guardians of the sacred union where two lives intertwine. Embracing these agreements means fostering a resilient, respectful, and endlessly loving partnership.


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Case Study: Because legal issues rarely stand their own

A client of ours, a retired Air Force officer, came to the office needing advice on divorce.

While speaking with the attorney, he discovered that he was potentially eligible for veterans disability benefits.

Because Brandon Legal Group covers several areas of law we were able to offer additional legal advice to the client.

Other firms that practice in only one area, may not have been aware of his veterans benefit potential.

Once the divorce concluded, our client needed to have his will revised. Brandon Legal Group was able to assist with this as well.

All his legal needs were served at one location – Brandon Legal Group, PLLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is a prenup only for wealthy individuals?

    No, prenups are for anyone who wants to clarify and establish financial expectations and responsibilities in a marriage. They can protect both partners and create a sense of security and transparency.

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    Can a prenup cover child custody or support?

    No, a prenup typically handles assets and debts. Child custody and support are determined by the court, considering the best interests of the child.

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    Why would a married couple consider a postnup?

    Couples might consider a postnup if their financial situation changes, like one partner starting a business or receiving an inheritance. It helps in updating financial arrangements to reflect the new realities.

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    How is a postnup different from a prenup?

    The main difference is timing. A prenup is signed before marriage, while a postnup is signed after the couple is already married. Both serve similar purposes of structuring financial arrangements.

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Debunking Florida Prenuptial and Postnuptial Myths

Prenups Are Only for the Wealthy

This myth is rooted in the idea that only those with significant assets need to protect them. In reality, prenuptial agreements can benefit couples of all financial backgrounds. They provide clarity on debt and asset division, spousal support, and other financial matters, offering peace of mind and reducing potential conflicts.

Talking About Prenups Means You’re Planning for Divorce

Discussing prenups doesn’t indicate an expectation of divorce. It’s about open communication, setting clear expectations, and ensuring that both partners understand their financial rights and responsibilities. A prenup can actually strengthen a marriage by eliminating uncertainties.

Postnups Are Only Needed When a Marriage Is In Trouble

Postnuptial agreements are not an indication of marital problems. Like prenups, they offer a way to address financial matters proactively. Couples may seek a postnup after a change in financial circumstances to ensure both partners are protected and treated fairly.


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In 2008 after gaining years of experience under the watchful eyes of her predecessors, Ms. Hooglander opened her own private practice that has grown into what Brandon Legal Group is today.

Her weight lifting and Kick Boxing training contribute to a reputation as a "force of nature" in both her personal life and her presence in the court room.


Luke Mattson

Mr. Mattson found his niche in family law and has focused his practice in that area since 2000. In particular, Luke often handles matters involving divorce, timesharing, parenting plans, child support, alimony, paternity, and civil domestic violence.

Mr. Mattson might look like he’s all business, but you'd be surprised to discover the incredible fun loving attitude he brings to the practice. When outside the courtroom, Mr. Mattson can often be found watching Lightning games or riding his bike around downtown Tampa.

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Ingrid is a gifted attorney with significant subject matter experience in family law matters. She has a ton of experience and is an expert in this practice area. She is a hard worker and puts clients first. She is able to gain exceptional results for her clients. Without hesitation I endorse Ingrid.

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