Property liability accidents can take place in a number of ways. The most popular good examples are slip and falls and also trip and falls.

In other cases, products seriously hurt and even possibly kill a shopper or bystander. The owner of a property has a responsibility to supply basic security and safety and if they don’t secure that area, it might result in personal injuries or even deaths. The action that results in the personal injury might be negligent or deliberate, maybe even both are likely to make an owner of the property liable. The basic act of not paying attention might be a breach of the duty owed. Neglecting to maintain a clean area might also be a violation.

Consider a “breach of duty” the same as a promise that was broken. A retailer or dining establishment invites you to enter their place of business. They are encouraging you to spend money with them. They intentionally place products for sale directly in your line of sight. Ads and lighting effects are all designed to motivate you to spend money on and to be a consumer. However, the unspoken assurance of the establishment is “We will maintain a clean and unobstructed floor. This area is safe and secure. There is no need to be concerned – we will protect you. Now please make a purchase”.

When they don’t live up to that promise and that negligence leads to a serious personal injury, it is time to consult with a Brandon slip and fall lawyer for your own protection.

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