$1,000 Scholarship Opportunity

Brandon Legal Group is happy to announce that we are now offering our second $1,000 scholarship. Our first scholarship opportunity was only open to students enrolled or attending an ABA accredited Florida law school. This scholarship has been expanded to include students in an ABA approved paralegal studies program in Florida. We will also be accepting applications from those students who will begin schooling in the Fall 2017 semester. Applicants are asked to write a short essay (500-800 words) in response to one of four question prompts provided.

The lawyers at Brandon Legal Group understand that school can be expensive, so the purpose of the creative writing scholarship is to help an aspiring attorney or paralegal with that cost. In general, legal matters can impact people’s lives for many years whether it involves them directly or indirectly. While helping future members of the legal field in their career pursuits, this scholarship opportunity is also designed to bring attention to the dynamic area of study that is the legal field.

For the full details and the essay questions for Brandon Legal Group’s Creative Writing Scholarship, visit https://brandonlegalgroup.com/scholarship/. The deadline for applicants to submit your application (via this same webpage) is before midnight on August 31, 2017.