Welcome to our Slip and Fall Series

Trip and fall, premises liability, or slip and fall accidents could potentially lead to major injuries. Trip and fall accidents can happen on sidewalks, driveways or perhaps in a backyard when the grass conceals some danger. Premises liability accidents take place when a heavy item drops on a shopper. Slip and fall accidents could take place in private residences or in commercial enterprises such as Publix, International Plaza or even at your bank. When you or someone you care about got injured in a trip and fall, a premises liability accident, Brandon Legal Group’s Personal Injury and slip and fall attorneys could probably help you in getting money for any damages. Slip and Fall claims do have a statue of limitations’ therefore it is vital to get together with an attorney immediately. Following a slip and fall accident in Hillsborough County, it is vital to know what the next steps are.

We will be covering these steps as a part of an ongoing series.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact the attorneys at Brandon Legal Group about the details of your trip and fall case. We are here to protect you and your rights.