Florida Family Law: Not Just About Divorce

Many people think family lawyers only help with divorces. That’s not true! At Brandon Legal Group, we help families with many different issues. Whether it’s about kids, money, or keeping safe from harm, we’re here to help.

H2: Why You Might Need a Family Lawyer

Family law is about helping families. Sometimes, things can get confusing or difficult, and you need someone on your side. Here’s when you might want to talk to us:

H3: 1. Divorce and Separation

If you’re thinking about ending your marriage, starting the process, or need to answer a divorce paper, we can guide you. We’ll make sure things like money, property, and time with the kids are divided fairly.

Example: Sarah and Mike decided to separate. They had two children and a house. With our help, they came up with a plan to share time with their kids and divide their belongings without fighting.

2. Child Matters

Figuring out where the kids will live and how they’ll be supported can be tough. We’ll help you make a plan that’s best for them.

3. Money Support After Divorce

If you need money support after a divorce or if someone is asking you for it, we’ll talk through what’s fair. We’ll look at things like how long you were married and who made more money.

4. Sharing Property

When you split up, who gets what? We know Florida’s rules and will help you divide things the right way.

5. Staying Safe

If someone hurts you or threatens you, we can help you get protection to stay safe.

6. Planning Ahead

Before or after getting married, we can help you make a plan for your money and things. This way, everyone knows what will happen if things don’t work out.

Words You Should Know in Family Law

When you’re dealing with family issues, there are some special words you might hear. Knowing what they mean can help you feel more in control.

About Marriage and Ending It

Marriage: It’s when two people legally become a team. In Florida, everyone can get married if they have a license and someone official to make it happen.
Divorce: This is when a married couple decides not to be together anymore. In Florida, you don’t need to blame anyone. You just say the marriage can’t be fixed.

About Kids

Time-Sharing (Child Custody): This is about where kids live and spend time after parents separate. We want kids to see both parents, so we help make a plan that’s best for them.
Child Support: This is money that one parent gives to the other to help care for their child.

Money and Things

Alimony: Money one person gives to the other after divorce to help them live.
Equitable Distribution: This is how married people divide their things and money when they split up.

Safety and Agreements

Injunction: If you’re scared of someone, this is a paper that tells them to stay away.
Prenuptial Agreement: A plan made before getting married about money and property.
Postnuptial Agreement: Like a prenuptial, but done after getting married.

We’re Here for Your Family

Dealing with family problems can be hard. Knowing the rules and words can help. And remember, we at Brandon Legal Group are always here to help and support you.


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