Child support is meant to cover a child’s basic living requirements and expenses. This generally includes

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • education expenses
  • necessary medical expenses
  • appropriate recreation expenses.

Items and activities deemed to be “Luxury” are generally not included in court support payments, nor are the wants and needs of the parent.

Child support arrangements are enforceable by the courts when they are a matter of the court record. The support agreement has to have been submitted to the court and converted into an order. As a substitute to a court order, if the parents have a legally valid agreement between them, it is also enforceable.

Every marriage, every parenting plan, is unique. While this article expresses general guidelines, it is still just that, general, and guidelines.  Do not rely on this for legal advice, and always consult with an attorney on matters as important as divorce, family law, parenting plans, and of course, child support.


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