What Factors Do Courts Consider When Deciding Who Gets Custody?

When it comes to children, the purpose of family law courts is to do what is best for each child. The court will consider each parent’s home setting, the distance between their houses, each parent’s ability to care for their children, whether the parents can work together, each parent’s financial and career condition, and the child’s preference (if he or she is at least 12 years old).

Unless there is child abuse, most courts will aim to provide both parents equal time.

Parents are required by law to follow custody and time-sharing agreement reached between the parents and the courts.

The other parent may take legal action if one parent fails or refuses to implement the parenting plan. It’s possible that you’ll need to file a specific motion outlining the offenses so that they can be addressed. Our child custody lawyer in West Palm Beach can assist you in determining your best options.



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