What is the best approach?

If an agreement can be reached with your spouse on all issues like child support, the division of property and debt, alimony (if any), time sharing with minor children etc., this will save lots of time, money and headaches. This is great in theory, but if the parties can do this, a settlement agreement can be drawn up by an attorney and the matter will be inexpensive compared to a Florida contested divorce. If there are one or more issues that cannot be agreed upon, you have to go to Court where a Judge will make a decision on the issues. It is best to work out these details with your spouse, even if it takes several meetings to resolve all the issues. If your spouse thinks that they are in charge remind them that the Judge is the ultimate authority. In a non-threatening manner, let them know that the issues can be resolved in an easy manner or in a difficult manner.

Whatever the approach, seasoned a seasoned divorce attorney in your corner is a must in difficult divorce cases.  Call Brandon Legal Group.


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