The previous installment in our Divorce Strategies series dealt with how some states are better than others for getting a divorce; in that entry, the best states were covered. Knowing that there is a flip side to every coin, it must be expected that there would be a list of states that are some of the worst in which to seek a divorce.

Where the list of the best states took into consideration such factors as the simplicity of the laws and their leniency, the list of worst states address a single – and, arguably, one of the most important – issues, that of the amount of time necessary for the divorce to be finalized and the proceedings to come to a close. If you and your spouse wish to bring matters to fruition as expeditiously as possible and you live in Arkansas, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina or Vermont you may actually wish to consider relocating before beginning proceedings – that’s how long it can take. To give you some idea, Arkansas is the worst of the worst, with a divorce not being finalized for an average 540 days.

As always, every situation is unique.  This series is intended to “start the thinking process” to take emotive choices out of a hard situation.  Everyone’s situation is different, and this is not intended as legal advice.  Please, speak to a divorce attorney prior to making any decisions