Employees are at the heart of our business.   We do our best to encourage a work-life balance for our attorneys and support staff alike.
Healthy employees are happier and more productive. When people are happy and satisfied with their jobs, the amount of turnover decreases and people are less likely to take sick leave.

  • Healthier employees are less likely to call in sick or use vacation time due to illness
  • Companies that support workplace health have a greater percentage of employees at work every day
  • Because employee health frequently carries over into better health behavior that impact both the employee and their family (such as nutritious meals cooked at home or increased physical activity with the family), employees may miss less work caring for ill family members as well

The legal industry is fast-paced, with long hours and stressful workloads.  That is why we are so proud to have partnered with Core 5 Studio in Brandon to help our team get fit and relieve the stress of the day.
core 5 studiosThe firm was introduced to Core 5 Studio by their marketing manager, who is a member.  It wasn’t long before managing attorney, Ingrid Hooglander, had a vision of teamwork and fitness in store for the entire staff.  Starting in July, twice a week, members of the firm engage in group personal training led by Core 5’s head trainers Chelsea Gonzalez and Drew Preiss.  Ms. Gonzalez also did a site tour of the workout facility and gave corresponding workouts for the staff on the “off days” when there was no group training.
The workouts combine personal attention with a group atmosphere geared toward elevating heart-rate, exhausting muscle tissue, and increasing metabolism for up to 72 hours after activity. Every session is done at an individual’s CORE level, which keeps one safe in a group with people at one’s level while achieving MAX effort and getting the best workout possible.
“Not only does the emphasis on health improve the efficiency of the office staff, it also encourages teamwork,” adds Ingrid Hooglander, attorney with Brandon Legal Group.
In addition to group personal training, Brandon Legal Group also offers staff low-fat protein shakes and healthier meal options (especially for potluck breakfasts and lunches).
Many at the firm hope that other small businesses will follow suit, encouraging fitness and healthier lifestyles for their staff in this way.  “We hope that by pioneering health and fitness efforts will lead to a happier, healthier staff to better serve clients,” said Ingrid Hooglander.


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